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The Reality Of Becoming An Adult

TOP New Look | JEANS New Look | SHOES River Island | BAG New Look I knew life in general…


The Importance Of SPF

Since I’m pale and have ginger skin, I’ve always known it was important for me to use a good SPF…


Wearing The Right Gym Wear

I believe that your gym clothes play a huge part in your gym experience. There’s nothing worse than wearing a…


Vow To Vintage With Trendlistr

I’ve always been a magpie for vintage pieces, charity store finds and eBay bargains. Don’t get me wrong I love…


Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried anything new from Urban Decay, but when I heard it had launched a new…


A Taste Of Sohe

Situated on Osborne Road, in the heart of Newcastle’s culinary core, Jesmond, Sohe is a foodie destination. A haven where…


Frills With River Island

TOP River Island | JEANS New Look | SHOES River Island| CLUTCH River Island | JACKET All Saints | JEWELLERY…


Dirty Dancing At The Sunderland Empire

You know that mantra; if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Which is exactly why the opening night of Dirty…


Crystal Silicone Make-Up Sponge

When I first saw beauty Youtubers applying their foundation with silicone chicken fillets, I thought it was a fad that…


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