My 2020 Bathroom Trend Predictions

My 2020 Bathroom Trend Predictions

There are two rooms that make up the heart of your home; the kitchen and the bathroom. While we’re currently in the process of renovating our kitchen, we completed the latter early last year. Looking back, taking the time to invest in our bathroom was one of the best decisions we ever made. I’ve decorated rooms before, but renovating is something different entirely and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried when choosing all the elements to transform this space. Although I absolutely love the end result, the whole process can be a little overwhelming (I mean, how do you know if your tiles, go with your suite?), which is why I thought I would share my 2020 bathroom trend predictions to give anyone who is renovating their bathroom some inspiration.

Shower Screens

One trend I’ve seen all over Pinterest is the black grid frame shower screens. They are absolutely gorgeous; very modern and minimalistic. This style of shower screen was something I was looking to implement in my bathroom, however, we didn’t have the space. This style is perfect for a walk-in shower and unfortunately I love having a bath, so instead of a walk-in shower we opted for a bath/shower combo. You can get these style of screens to fit a bath, however, we’ve got a ‘P-Shape’ bath and we couldn’t find one that was curved. 

Black Baths

Bathrooms are turning to the dark side in 2020 with black sinks and bathtubs. Perfect for more spacious bathrooms, a free-standing black bathtub will not only make for a striking focal point, but with contrasting plumbing fixtures this combination will add a touch of opulence and luxury to this space. One thing we tried to incorporate while renovating our bathroom was a free-standing bath, however, no matter how much we changed the layout of the room, we just couldn’t fit one in. So, if you have the space and love baths I would advise getting one. 

Touches Of Greenery

And I don’t mean paint, or tiles… I’m talking about plants. Plants are a great way to bring colour to a monochromatic space. When it comes to colour I like to play it safe, so I chose whites and greys with a small touch of chrome for my bathroom. The plants in this space really brighten up the room and give it some life. Succulents and some other house plants like humidity, so are ideal for the bathroom. Plus, they require very little maintenance. 

Framed Mirrors

When it comes to decorating I’m all about the finishing touches, as it’s the finer details that bring the room together. Framed mirrors are set to be hugely popular this year. Normally, I’m not at the forefront of trends, but that small frame makes for a big impact. It seamlessly blends into the wall and instantly elevates the space. 

Bathrooms are an investment, but if you’re on a budget, don’t fret. There are plenty of bathroom suppliers out there that offer a ‘beat your quote’ option, which gives them the opportunity to offer you a better deal. Also it’s worth shopping around, especially for tiles and flooring. We found that there was a huge price difference between big retailers, and taking the time to check really paid off. 

What bathroom trends are you loving right now? Where do you find your decorating inspiration?

Sarah Jayne x

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