How Your A/W19 Wardrobe Should Look This Season

How Your A/W19 Wardrobe Should Look This Season

Mornings are getting darker, there’s a chill in the air and Pumpkin Spice Lattes have already made an appearance. It’s safe to say Autumn is officially here and with it comes a brand new wardrobe. This season is truly my favourite, not only because it’s my birthday in October, but I just prefer A/W style of clothing. I love layers and the constant feeling of being cosy and warm. It’s way better than summer fashion in my personal opinion, and with that said, I’m talking about how your A/W19 wardrobe should look this season…

The Cover Up

Your trusty second skin that’ll shield you from the miserable weather and – depending on the style – will see you through winter and beyond. When it comes to winter jackets there’s one staple style I like to invest in and that’s a leather jacket. I just love how versatile a leather jacket is and when it comes to completing my look it wins each and every time. Zara, Oasis and All Saints stock some gorgeous leather jackets. I also like to pick up a trench coat and – most importantly – a coat with a hood; Topshop and Primark always have a good selection that are reasonably priced. If you want to save money hit the winter sales after Christmas. Yes, the season is almost over, but you can get a great discount and pop it away for the following year.

Knitwear Alternatives

Normally, I would talk all things knitted, but this season I’ve really struggled to find jumpers and knitwear that are of a high quality and fit me properly. Everything I’m trying on at the moment is cropped, see-through and very unflattering. Alternatively, I’ve opted for fitted shirts like this one from Lily Lulu Fashion. It’s comfortable, it’s warm and since it cinches me in at the waist, it’s very flattering. It’s perfect for when you need to look a little more put together with minimal effort. For seasonal staples that are good quality and reasonably priced, I recommend taking a look at Lily Lulu Fashion.

A New Style Of Denim

One item that waits all year to make an appearance is my leather-look trousers. A completely versatile item that elevates every look, no matter what I pair it with. Especially, when I’m in a rush, or have no idea what to wear, leather-look trousers, a pair of boots and a cosy knit is a winning combo. I do find leather-look trousers that fit perfectly very hard to come by. My favourite pair at the moment are from What About This and they are super comfortable, move with your body and don’t make you sweat. 

Walk This Way

I’m a sucker for footwear and in the winter I just can’t resist spending a small fortune on boots. It’s weird because in the summer I don’t tend to spend any money on shoes. I might buy a pair of pumps, or sandals, but that’s about it, however, in the winter I stock up on boots. They just tick all the right boxes for me; they’re comfortable, they give me height and they keep my feet warm! ASOS, Public Desire and New Look offer an excellent selection of boots, some of which are even designer dupes. Once the season is over, I usually take mine to a cobblers to reheel, which costs about £3 per pair, and then they’re ready for next year. 

Throw A Little Shade

Summer may have come to an end, but it’s not time to put away the sunglasses just yet. In fact, they’re an accessory that can seamlessly blend from season-to-season. That winter sun can be blinding, so I always carry a pair of sunglasses with me. Plus, in winter I tend to wear less make-up, so they’re great for hiding any dark circles, or bags under my eyes. Again, I don’t tend to spend a lot on these, I usually pick up a couple of pairs in the Primark summer sale. 

What season if your favourite for fashion? What staples do you have in your A/W wardrobe?

Sarah Jayne x

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    October 9, 2019 / 11:26 am

    Love the coat! It’s so pretty


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