Will FalseEyelashes Make Me A False Lash Addict?

Will FalseEyelashes Make Me A False Lash Addict?

False lashes are the one make-up accessory I’ve always wanted to wear, but since I live most of my life behind glasses, lashes have never been an option… until now. After careful consideration I’ve ditched my glasses for daily contact lenses, which means I can finally experience the glamour of falsies. And what better way to give the false lash life a go than with one of the UK’s leading lash suppliers, www.FalseEyelashes.co.uk.

Offering an unrivalled range of lashes, www.FalseEyelashes.co.uk., stock some of the biggest brands in the business, including Ardell, DUO, Eylure, Red Cherry, House of Lashes, KoKo Lashes and more, as well as a selection of indie brands.

There’s nothing False Eyelashes doesn’t offer that the discerning lash wearer could need. Looking for strip lashes? They’ve got you covered. Searching for high-quality faux mink lashes? No problem – they’ve got them too. Fancy individual lashes instead? Choose from short, medium, or long. I wanted something dramatic and glamorous, but with a soft finish and the Violet Voss Eye Want It That Way lashes ticked all of these boxes.

Comprised of luxurious lashes made from premium faux mink hair, the cruelty free false eyelash collection by Violet Voss has captured the hearts of lash lovers around the world, and it’s easy to see why! Firstly, the lashes are made from a high-quality synthetic fibres, which offer the same look of a mink false without using actual mink hairs. The dramatic, dense lash band fades to finer, flared lashes that appear fluttery and lightweight at the tips. The three dimensional design offers extra volume and a lovely layered effect. The tapered ends allow for a dramatic, winged-out look that I found blended flawlessly with my natural lashes. I love that this style really defined my eyes, giving me a look that was both glamorous and soft.

I personally think that applying lashes is a skill; juggling lashes, tweezers and glue, not to mention knowing when the glue is at the right consistency for application and then applying the lashes with such precision. Unfortunately, it’s a skill I don’t possess, which is why I was a little nervous to apply these. It turns out I was worrying for no reason, as the false lash applicator made applying my lashes super easy. Don’t get me wrong, I think the more I practice the better and quicker I’ll get, but at least I managed to apply these without any issues. Plus, www.FalseEyelashes.co.uk have a Lash Education section, which talks through lash care, removal, application and more.

I’m really happy with the finished look these lashes delivered and with so many birthdays, weddings and parties coming up, I can’t wait to explore the styles www.FalseEyelashes.co.uk offer and get creative with my make-up looks. Will I become a false lash addict? Well, you’ll have to watch this space.

Are you a false lash fan? What’s your favourite brand, or set of lashes you use?

Sarah Jayne x

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