Adult Fails: Train Travel, Meal Prep & Postcode Mistakes

Adult Fails: Train Travel, Meal Prep & Postcode Mistakes

If you’ve read the previous installments of my adult fails, I bet you’re wondering how I earth I’ve made it through life? If you haven’t, don’t fret, because I’m here today with a brand new installment, serving up the latest life mistakes I’ve made throughout March. If this series is new to you, then I’m going to drop a spoiler – I suck at being an adult, but you’ll soon come to learn this when you read this month’s adult fails…

Last Train Home

If you follow me on Instagram (@plainsarahjayne) then you’ll know I took Corey to York for this birthday. To be honest I started the day on a high as I bagged some brand new Mulberry shoes for only £48 (they were reduced from £385)! But, I later discovered I made the biggest mistake of getting the last train home. Now, if it were my birthday I’d want to get a really early train and then come back late afternoon, but Corey loves his sleep, so I thought I’d get a later train followed by the last train home. This is a decision I won’t make again. I think it was a lot worse because we weren’t drunk, but the last train home was just full of people ready to party. I know it doesn’t sound bad and I don’t want to act my age, but we had to kick them out of our reserved seats and then they continued to shout and swear (in front of children), and the whole thing was just really annoying.

Lesson learnt: Get out of bed and get the earlier train.

Come Dine With Me

Do you ever get asked the question, “what would you cook if you were on Come Dine With Me? Well next time someone asks I’ll tell them, “actually they’ll have to cook their own meal!” I invited my friend, Alice, around for a healthy meal and a catch-up. It was totally my time to shine in the kitchen, but I had no idea how to cook salmon and ensure my roasted veg and rice were cooked to perfection. So, the entire time I was cooking Alice had to stand their watching and telling me what to do, bless her! I’m glad though because the meal tasted pretty epic, even if I do say so myself.

Lesson learnt: Watch Masterchef, or order a Nando’s takeaway.

Postcode Mistakes

I moved into my own home almost two years ago and during that time I’ve ordered about 50, or more parcels. So, I’m well aware of my new address and, more importantly, my new postcode. Let’s start at the begin… I ordered my dad’s birthday present online and the day it ‘arrived’ I received a text saying that I’d signed for the parcel. I knew I hadn’t because I was at work, so assumed my neighbour had taken it in. When I got home there was no note, which didn’t worry me, but what did worry me was that my neighbour didn’t have the parcel. I tried tracking the parcel, but the courtier would only give me the details of where the parcel was if I inputted the postcode, which I did, but it declined the information because the postcodes didn’t match up.

Panicking I chatted the courtier’s customer service team on their website and they couldn’t help me because the details I gave them didn’t match up. As you can imagine I was beyond furious, so I took to Twitter to connect with the retailer to which they asked for my order number. This is where the face palm moment comes in. I discovered when looking for the order number in my order confirmation email that it was sent to my old address. To the address that my parents don’t even live at anymore. Within 10 minutes I’d jumped in the car, went around to the house and luckily collected the parcel along with about six other letters that the new homeowners had kept for me!

Lesson learnt: ALWAYS check the postcode.

Wet, Wet, Wet (And No, Not The Band)

I thought after two years I’d nailed the domestic goddess life… obviously not. It was just an average day doing the washing, but y’know me, I get the simplest of tasks wrong. How hard can it be to fill up a washing machine? Not very, right. Well somehow I’d managed to squeeze so many clothes into the washing machine that when it came to taking them out to dry the clothes were absolutely soaking. Drenched doesn’t even cover it. Stupid me thought they’d dry on the radiator, but just take a little longer than usual. No, the clothes started forming a pool on the hardwood floor, which continued to spread all the way down my hallway. After mopping up I had to drain the water out of the clothes in the garden.

Lesson learnt: Less is always more.

I’d love it if you’d share with me your recent adult fails?

Sarah Jayne x



  1. April 9, 2019 / 6:10 am

    HA HA! I ALWAYS forget our postcode and quite often use our old Gateshead one by accident. if I’m ever with Simon when I’m asked for it i have to look at him to check I’m saying it right!

    I’ve also done the washing machine thing before, and I’m useless at cooking!

  2. Lady Writes
    April 9, 2019 / 5:25 pm

    I hate having to get the last train home, it’s such a horrible experience isn’t it? The shoes sound like an amazing buy though! x

  3. Mel
    April 12, 2019 / 10:32 am

    So much to learn for ourselves that we just don’t get told.

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