What We’ve Discovered Since Moving In…

The Idle Man Clothing

Corey and I had been together seven years before we decided to move in together, and we’ve been living together for 10 months now. We found some properties with Brinkleys estate agents and we decided to buy a house together! Having been together for such a long time I thought we already knew everything there was to know about each other, but I guess I was wrong. Since living together we’ve discovered so much more about one another, and I’ve come to notice our relationship has changed a great deal too. Saying this though, it hasn’t stopped us looking at new builds, just so we have an idea of what house we want to buy when we are ready. There are so many out there that I know we will be alright when the time comes.

The Idle Man Clothing

I’ve mentioned Corey a number of times on this blog, but I don’t think I’ve ever really introduced him. Well here he is… My best friend and biggest supporter. Corey loves four things in life; crisps (he has a draw especially for these in the kitchen), classic Ford cars (he’s currently restoring two of these in his garage), Hot Wheels (he has a wall dedicated to these in his games room – yes a FULL wall) and Toy Story (yes, he’s 27 not 7 and collects Toy Story memorabilia). Anyways the things I’ve learnt…

The Idle Man Clothing

Corey has a bigger (and better) wardrobe than me.
Can you believe it? I always knew he had a slight trainer addiction, but I didn’t realise how many tops, jackets and pairs of jeans he had too. We share a wardrobe and honestly he makes mine look pitiful. I don’t know how I didn’t realise it sooner, but he shops online a lot, in fact, he always has parcels arriving. His latest haul was from The Idle Man; a menswear-based retailer that caters to the style conscious man. Filled with various brands, such as Barbour, Calvin Klein and Vans, The Idle Man is the perfect destination for men wanting to shop top brands all in one place. And here’s me, who struggles to find anything. Maybe I should let him shop for me?

The Idle Man Clothing

I can’t wash up.
So, I grew up in a household that had a dishwasher and as much as I try to argue this fact, I definitely can’t wash up. I try, but there’s always stains and marks left on them, so Corey won’t let me do the washing up now. I suppose I should be happy about this, right? Oh and another thing – I use a lot of cups on a daily basis. Like a lot. If you’ve been put in charge of vacuuming, visit https://www.bissell.com/vacuums/robotic-vacuums to see how much easier you could make it for yourself.

The Idle Man Clothing

The lengths Corey will go to, so he doesn’t have to cook.
Corey use to cook all the time when I stayed over, in fact, he really enjoyed it. Now, unless I want meatballs and chips, or hotdogs, I do all the cooking because apparently “there’s never anything in” – does anyone else get this excuse?

The Idle Man Clothing

We both have to compromise when it comes to music.
So, at Christmas Alexa came into our lives and since then we play music in our house every chance we get, however, Corey and I can never decide on a song. Corey loves 80s music and hip hop and I love rock/metal and pop. So, you can see we’re always arguing over what we should play.

The Idle Man Clothing

He can build furniture.
I knew Corey was talented when it came to cars, but I never knew he could make furniture until we went shopping and he boasted he could make similar pieces to what they were selling in Barker & Stonehouse. A couple of scaffolding poles and planks of wood later, we have some pretty gorgeous side units, so nice that Corey now has a few orders in from friends and family.

The Idle Man Clothing

This list could go on, and on, but I won’t bore you.

I was warned that when you move in together it’s make, or break. When I heard this I just laughed it off, but now and I can see why people say it. Living together is totally different than just sleeping at one another’s house. It’s all about compromise, thoughtfulness and having fun, but I guess that’s what all relationships are about, right? Although our habits can get on each other’s nerves moving in together has been an amazing experience. Corey and I have always been close, but I feel like we’re truly best friends now – does that make me sound sad? I can’t believe that come the end of May we’ll have been in this house a year, and I’m really looking forward to continuing to make this house our home.

The Idle Man Clothing

Have you just moved in with your partner? Can you saving so you can move in with them? Have you learnt things about each other that you didn’t know before?

Sarah Jayne x

The Idle Man Clothing

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  1. March 26, 2018 / 5:23 am

    How cute are these photos?!

    Love this post, you definitely don’t know someone until you move in together. When I think back to moving in with Simon I realise what a huge gamble it was – we’d only known each other a year and we’d been long distance for all of that so really I probably barely knew him at all! Can’t believe it actually worked out!

    You can’t wash up? LOVE IT! Wish I’d tried that one when I moved in!

    • March 30, 2018 / 12:12 pm

      I seriously can’t wash! Wow that was soon, but you know what it’s clear you and Simon were meant to be!

      Awww thank you, Corey and I kept laughing through these! xxx

  2. March 27, 2018 / 8:57 pm

    You really do learn so much about your partner when you move in together but I think it also helps you to learn a lot about yourself… I never realised what a perfectionist I was until I had another persons wardrobe/food cupboards/diary etc to organise. Yes I do organise my fellas life for him!

    • March 30, 2018 / 12:13 pm

      Totally agree with you Rachel, you do learn a lot about yourself. I’ve learnt that I’m a perfectionist too and stress about all sorts! Hahaha bless you, sometimes you have too! xxx

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