What Changes I’m Making To My Night-Time Routine

What Changes I’m Making To My Night-Time Routine

Towards the end of 2017 (and my first post of 2018) I touched upon my health, happiness and general wellbeing, and lately I’ve been focusing on my night-time routine, or lack of it. It’s very rare I get any down time. In fact, I find myself constantly doing something up until the point of going to bed and even then I only manage to get around six hours sleep. Lately, I’ve felt sluggish, run-down and completely exhausted, and I totally believe it’s it’s because I don’t have a decent night-time routine.

Normally on an evening I’m glued to my laptop. Even when I’m in bed, I’m either on my laptop, or scrolling through Instagram, which is probably why I struggle to go to bed at a decent hour. It’s hard, but I’m trying my best to turn off the tech, put my phone away and immerse myself in a little reading. I use to always read before bed and now it feels like I haven’t picked up a book in years. I feel like reading before bed not only tires my eyes out, but I feel like it’s really relaxing and totally takes my mind off other things. I’m currently reading Stronger Looks Better Naked by Khloe Kardashian – it’s a pretty good read – so if you have any suggestions please let me know!

Some of you may be horrified to know that I only own about three sets of pyjamas. Yes, that’s right, I have three sets of pyjamas and the rest is a mix of my boyfriend’s boxers, shorts and oversized tops. In my previous post I talked about improving my wardrobe and I completely forgot that my pyjamas are an extension of this. A friend of mine recommended some silk sleepwear to me that she’d recently seen, but I still found myself going to bed every night in the same old set of PJ’s. Let’s be honest, how can I expect to be ready for bed if I’m not dressed for the occasion? How can I expect to unwind if I’m not in comfortable loungewear?

So I’ve decided, just like my wardrobe, I’m investing in my nightwear, which is why I’m wearing these gorgeous Homebody luxury pyjamas. Made from the highest quality MicroModal yarn, this is softer-than-silk to touch and is the most snuggliest set ever. Literally could live in this! Just like my excitement for fresh bedding, I hope lovely pyjama sets, or relaxing loungewear, will work just the same in tempting me to unwind and sleep.

Another reason I don’t sleep very well is because I’m a light sleeper, and having a boyfriend that needs the TV on to fall asleep really doesn’t help. Lately, I’ve been using earplugs and since using these I’ve found that I have very little disturbed sleep. They literally block out everything, which means I completely zone out. The only downside is that I’m constantly losing the earplugs in bed – some days I can’t even find where they’ve got to!

I’m not one of these people who can just jump into my king mattress and fall asleep, especially if I’ve got too much on my mind, which is why I need to learn to unwind before bed. To help me chill I’ve been introducing lotions and face masks to my routine. On different nights I’ve been using different products, but at the moment I seem to switch between the Sleep Lotion from Lush and the Quench mask from Temple Spa. The Sleep Lotion has a gorgeous scent that instantly relaxes me and the Quench mask is not only great for my skin, but feels like I’m having a mini pamper session, which is always good!

What’s your night-time routine? Is there anything else you think I should do? Are you like me and struggle to have any downtime, or get enough sleep?

Sarah Jayne x


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  1. Eve
    February 6, 2018 / 11:05 am

    I think it’s really important to make sure your bedroom is a sleeping area. It’s hard but I try not to eat in my bedroom unless its just a snack (biscuits with my tea while reading a book), I try not to work from my bedroom and I don’t have a TV in my room.

    I try and keep it clean and tidy so I dust regularly and make sure there is no clutter in the room. I spray lavender and cover my face in Repose – also I think I own more PJ’s than clothes!!

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