My May Highlights 2017

May Highlights 2017

May Highlights 2017

For me, May has been an absolute whirlwind. I still can’t quite believe how much my life has changed in the space of 31 days. I’ve gone from just being my average self to completing goals I never thought were possible and completely supporting myself. Let’s say this month there’s been life changing moments and some serious growing up. So here’s my May highlights 2017…

May Highlights 2017

Run Forest, Run
This month started with a bang. I finally smashed a goal I’ve been working towards for a few months, and that was to complete the Sunderland 10K. I have to admit on the day I was a little nervous, but I bumped into Kayleigh of I Dream Of Coco and her partner, and they totally put me at ease. I had a rough idea that I wanted to complete the race in about one hour 30/40 minutes, but my real goal was to not stop once.

I wanted to run or jog the whole thing without stopping to walk and I’m absolutely chuffed that I managed to do just that. I then surprised myself as I finished the race in one hour 49 seconds, which I wasn’t expecting at all. I was so proud of myself and everyone else who took part. It was incredible to see the diverse mix of people running and all for different reasons. It was an amazing feeling to be apart of it, and it’s something I’ll definitely do again.

May Highlights 2017

London Bound
Did I mention I have the BEST job ever?! So last month I flew to Barcelona for Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week and then the boss and I went to London for White Gallery. It was so much fun. Fashion shows, meeting designers and having a glass, or two, of fizz – it was bloody brilliant. We also bumped into Ricky Wilson, lead singer of the Kaiser Chiefs, which was really unexpected, but totally awesome – he’s really lovely.

Being in London for two days made me realise how much I love the city. So much bustle and business, I could totally see myself living there, but then again, I love the North East and nowhere can quite compare to home can it? I guess more city trips are on the cards!

May Highlights 2017

The Master Of Make-Up
This month I got the chance to visit Amanda Bell’s new make-up studio. Firstly, I’m super proud of this lady for setting up this beyond beautiful boutique studio and starting a brand new adventure. I honestly thought I knew how to use my make-up, but oh boy, I was so wrong. Without spoiling anything (there’s a full blog post coming soon) Amanda completely changed my beauty routine, like she literally blew my mind. Everything I knew about how to apply make-up has completely changed.

May Highlights 2017

My First Home
Oh. My. God. I’m a homeowner. Can you believe it? I certainly can’t and I’ve been living in my new home now for just over a week. It’s such a strange feeling, I feel like I’m on a self catering holiday or something. I guess when the first bills arrive it’ll soon kick in! I thought I knew how to be an adult, but I’ve come to realise that I’m learning on the job. I had no clue what any of the buttons did on the boiler, I didn’t know how to make pasta bake and I learnt never to put boiling water into a glass tumbler. If anyone else has adult advice, I’m all ears!

What have you been upto in May? What were your highlights?

Sarah Jayne x


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