A Night At The Hancock Museum

The Hancock Museum

If you’ve seen the movie Night At The Museum, then I’m sure you already have your own ideas about what goes on when the doors close to the public. I, for one, got to experience it first-hand when I was invited to the first adults sleepover at the Hancock Museum, in Newcastle.

The Hancock Museum

From a race against time to getting up close and personal with a T-Rex, and even some exhibitions coming to life, it was practically like the movie, only way better. Although we were given a schedule of what was going to happen, the evening itself excelled my expectations.

The Hancock Museum

The night kick-started with fizz, food, a cracking DJ and selfies with Jaws. This snapping backdrop was certainly something I wasn’t expecting when I arrived. We were then allowed to explore the entire museum, including its brand new exhibition Bones: Skeleton Secrets of the Animal World.

The Hancock Museum

Talking of animals, I was surprised to find a few creepy crawlies and a snake chilling near the mummies. I wasn’t going to pick up a spider, but you bet I was going to hold a snake like Britney! (Have you seen my face? The snake is licking my finger!)

The Hancock Museum

During this time, people who wanted to win a prime sleeping spot next to the mummies or underneath the T-Rex had to complete a challenge. It was a timed task where we had to find certain items around the museum and say what exhibition they were apart of. Running around not one, but two, floors of this museum in candlelight looking for items is pretty hard!

The Hancock Museum

Unfortunately we didn’t win, however, Tasha and I got the next best spot right in front of the T-Rex. Plus, we got to see the stars in the Planetarium, which is worth a visit in itself. Before we could slip into our onesies, it was time to get a bottle of wine (or two) and grab a seat ready for the Cornshed Sisters.

The Hancock Museum

This four-part girl harmony group really impressed me. They sing about real stuff and their vocals are beautiful. If you enjoy listening to local talent, I suggest you check them out. Suddenly it was 1am and it was finally time to get our onesies one and snuggle up next to the biggest dinosaur in Newcastle.

The Hancock Museum

When I awoke I felt surprisingly refreshed for sleeping on a hardwood floor in a museum. Soon we were dressed and the museum had completely transformed back to its normal self. No more DJ, no more make-shift cocktail bar and no more live animals roaming the floors. Everything was as it should be and with a bacon butty in-hand we slowly made our way out before the doors reopened to the public.

This was the first adults sleepover the Hancock museum has held and I hope they host another one next year! Is this something you would fancy doing? Where would you want to sleep – next to the mummies or under the T-Rex?

Sarah Jayne x



  1. March 15, 2017 / 11:06 pm

    Wow it sounds brilliant – I’ll definitely grab myself a ticket for next year!

  2. March 19, 2017 / 5:18 pm

    You look like you had so much fun. That’s my favourite ever museum too. Would’ve loved to have been there x

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