A Colonic Irrigation At Central Health Clinic, Newcastle

Colonic Irrigation

What if I told you that the dirtiest part of your body was your colon, and on average it can carry an excess of 25 pounds worth of dirt, waste and toxins. Surprising isn’t it?

Also known as the large intestines, I was blown away when I found out that the build up of waste in this organ, which is five feet in size, can affect the digestive system, immune system, skin and lead to other health problems.

I’ve always been eager to have a colonic irrigation, and since I’m making the effort to eat clean, weight train and exercise everyday, I thought this was the perfect time to cleanse my body. I ventured to Central Health Clinic, situated in the Arches in Newcastle, and I have to admit the whole experience was so surprising.

Colonic Irrigation

Central Health Clinic is a nurse-led clinic specialising in colonic irrigation, vitamin infusions and injections, food intolerance testing, dietary advice, colon massage, herbal implants and enemas. After filling in a form I was shown into the room and seated in front of the equipment, and it was here that the nerves started to kick in.

I’ve heard both good and bad stories about colonics, so I wasn’t sure what to think. However, Jean totally put my mind at ease. After explaining the whole process in detail, as well as being so calming and lovely, I was eager to get started.

For anyone who doesn’t know, a colonic irrigation consists of slowly introducing warm purified water into the colon via a small tube. Central Health Clinic uses a gravity fed system, which fills the colon with water and once filled is then allowed to flow out, bringing with it any loose waste. The process is carried out a number of times during the treatment, which lasts about 30-45 minutes. This process is coupled with special abdominal massage techniques that results in the colon to hydrate, cleanse, detoxify and tone internally.

Colonic Irrigation

Once I had slipped into a towel that covered my entire bottom half, I lay down on the bed and let Jean insert the tube. Before you sit there and cringe, honestly it didn’t hurt or feel uncomfortable, the tube is far too small to cause that. I mean, you can feel it, but once you’re relaxed you forget it’s even there.

During the 45 minutes I couldn’t even feel the water going in and out of me. To be honest I wasn’t even paying attention because Jean and I were chatting to much! The only time I felt anything was when she added the probiotic implant.

Colonic implants are concentrated herbal solutions added during the irrigation treatment to aid natural healing. The probiotic is an introduction of live bacteria into the colon for gas, yeast overgrowth and candidiasis.

Colonic Irrigation

When Jean added this she had to stop the water flowing out, so it built up inside of me, which again didn’t hurt, it just felt like I had cramp. Once the treatment was finished, I simply went to the toilet. Once I was dressed I then had to take two probiotic tablets to replenish my good bacteria.

After the experience I felt like a new woman. I never felt dirty before, but I felt super clean afterwards – it was a strange but fantastic feeling. I also felt incredibly light, like a whole weight had been lifted. I loved the feeling. I was so surprised that not once did I feel uncomfortable or in pain, it was a gentle process and I felt relaxed the entire time. I really enjoyed the results and would go back and pay for a second treatment.

Colonic Irrigation

I would recommend this clinic and treatment to anyone who suffers with these health problems, or who just wants to detox/cleanse their system.

If you do fancy a colonic irrigation make sure you quote my name or blog to receive a free probiotic implant worth £20.

Sarah Jayne x

(I received a complimentary treatment in exchange for a review. All words are my own and my review is 100% honest and my own opinion)


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