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CrossEyes Newcastle

CrossEyes Newcastle

CrossEyes Newcastle

CrossEyes Newcastle

CrossEyes Newcastle

CrossEyes Newcastle

CrossEyes Newcastle

It’s amazing how a small change can make such a big difference to the way you feel and act. I’ve been wearing glasses for 22 years, and up until recently I’ve never felt comfortable and confident when wearing them. I felt awkward and ugly, and abused my contact lenses so much that I cut open my eye. But now, thanks to CrossEyes, in Newcastle, not only am I sporting a new pair of ultra-stylish glasses, I finally feel confident when wearing them too.

I always struggle when shopping for glasses. Although I wear them everyday I begrudge spending so much money on something I absolutely hate. Plus, there never seems to be any frames I like and, apart from the brand on the side, all the frames look the same to me. So when I heard a Danish optician chain opened in High Bridge, I was eager to see what the store had to offer.

Upon my visit I found super-cool spectacles that are totally unique to anything else I’d seen on the high street. Seriously, I’ve never enjoyed glasses shopping before, but as soon as I saw the range of frames and how different they looked I couldn’t wait to try them all on. But first an eye test.

Since I wear glasses and contact lenses I get my eyes tested every six months. I wasn’t expecting much in terms of results, (because I get them checked so often) however, I was surprised and impressed to find the technology CrossEyes uses is similar, but far more modern than what I’m use to. Once my results were in, it was time to try!

Another reason I never go shopping for glasses alone is that the sales assistant doesn’t care if I suit cat eye, oval or square frames. They always just seem to say: “yes, they’re lovely.” However, I actually appreciated the staff at CrossEyes telling me that pink doesn’t suit my skin tone and that rectangle frames are too wide for my face. It only made me more confident with my choice, and I LOVE them.

After trying on what felt like 100 pairs, I finally chose these gorgeous bright yellow frames with orange speckles. This pair couldn’t be more opposite to the boring, black frames I always seem to go for, and this is the reason I believe I have a new found spring in my step.

Plus, to ensure CrossEyes have designs that are at the forefront of fashion the store receives new frames every few weeks meaning a lot of the frames are limited edition. So, I love that I’m hardly going to bump into anyone with the same pair as me.

I know this small change might seems silly to a lot of you, but glasses have always had a negative effect on me.

I’ve wore glasses since I was three-years-old, and to make things worse, for a few years I had to wear an eye patch to strengthen my right eye too. As you can imagine, glasses and an eye patch didn’t go down well with the kids, and of course, I was bullied.

It wasn’t until I was 15 that I finally got my hands (or eyes) on contact lens. I loved the sense of freedom they give me and ever since I’ve hated wearing my glasses. In fact, I over used my contact lenses so much because I refused to wear my glasses that my eyes became so dry and inflamed that I cut my eye open on my lenses. (And yes, that was extremely painful).

Fast-forward 22 years and now I don’t have to try avoid eye contact when talking to people and I don’t have to bring a spare pair of contact lenses with me to change into as soon as I leave the office. I use to live in my contact lenses and hardly wear my glasses anywhere. However, I’ve wore this pair to places I would never dream of wearing glasses to, including blogging events, shopping with friends, parties and even the gym. I’m like “BAAM look at new specs please!”

It’s a small change, but thanks for CrossEyes it’s made a HUGE difference to the way I feel, act and look at myself. Fashion-forward designs paired with excellent customer service, not to mention advice I could trust, this opticians has definitely made a lasting impression. I couldn’t recommend this store more.

Is there anything that effects your confidence? Do you ever feel like this when wearing glasses? Have you been to CrossEyes before?

Sarah Jayne x

*I received a complimentary eye test and pair of glasses in exchange for a post. All words are my own and all my thoughts and opinions are 100% honest.



  1. February 13, 2017 / 1:57 pm

    What a fantastic story and you look beautiful x

  2. beth
    February 15, 2017 / 10:57 pm

    Your story sounds so familiar. I wore glasses from aged 4 and had an eye patch too. I was called all sorts of hideous names. I started wearing contacts around the age of 16 and only really wore my glasses at home because I could never find anything I really loved. I just recently went for laser eye surgery aged 22 after much deliberation. It’s the best thing I’ve done but I wish I could of found the perfect pair of specs over the years.

    I’m happy you’ve found something that you feel truly confident in and you look great! The light tortoise shell suits you so well. x

    • February 18, 2017 / 3:02 pm

      I wish I was brave enough to get laser eye surgery. How was it? I’ve always thought about it. Thank you so much for your kind words <3

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