Bath Bombs From The Lush Valentine’s Range

Lush Valentine's Range

Lush Valentine's Range

Lush Valentine's Range

Lush Valentine's Range

Lush Valentine's Range

Lush Valentine's Range

I’ve been hooked on Lush since I first tried The Comforter two years ago, and it’s been my mission to try everything in store. After popping into the Sunderland branch last weekend I left with a few pieces from the Lush Valentine’s range. This wasn’t my intentions, but after seeing how pretty (not to mention they smelt incredible) some of the bath bombs are I couldn’t resist.

I was instantly drawn to Over And Over because it’s the best of both worlds; it’s a bath bomb and bath melt. Plus, it boasts a strong citrus scent and I absolutely LOVE this type of smell, it’s one of my favourites. You betcha it was the first one I tried and of course I loved it. You get the bubbles from the bath bomb and the nourishing oil from the bath melt – the best kind of combo.

The cocoa butter was very hydrating to my skin and left it feeling smooth and soft, while the fresh, zingy lime perked me right up (maybe not the best one to use just before bed). I think this would be ideal for a morning bath on a weekend. I love a morning bath, does anyone else?

The only downside I would say is that it does leave a bright orange ring around your bath, but nothing a little scrubbing can’t rinse away. I really hope Lush decide to keep this bath bomb and add it to its main collection, so I can use it all year long.

Another one I picked up – because it was just far too cute – was Cupid. This floral fizzer smells like you’re dipping into a packet of Parma Violet sweets *drools*. It fizzes pretty quickly leaving a pretty pink that, and who doesn’t love a pink bath? Compared to a bath melt, I didn’t feel like it did anything for my skin, however, I was surrounded by gorgeous smelling sweetness for the duration of my bath.

Have you tried anything from the Lush Valentine’s range? What’s your favourite Lush bath product? Is there anything you would recommend?

Sarah Jayne x



  1. February 2, 2017 / 9:40 am

    I love both of these, so pleased you enjoyed them too! Over and Over is like Never Mind The Ballistic which was part of the Christmas range, so I do hope they keep it as a year-round bath bomb. Although, if not, I’m sure there’ll be another similar one for Easter…or something in the Oxford St store.

    • February 2, 2017 / 11:03 am

      Ohh thanks Tasha, I’ll have to try those both too! Which one was your favourite from the collection? xxx

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