Luxe Grey Fiorelli Backpack

Fiorelli Backpack

Fiorelli Backpack

Fiorelli Backpack

Fiorelli Backpack

Fiorelli Backpack

For those who know me, aside from shoes my not-so-guilty-pleasure is bags. Although you may think my wardrobe is bursting with them, it’s actually quite the opposite. Unlike shoes, where I’d happily spend less and have more, I like to invest in my handbags, which is why I have a rather staple collection.

There’s just something super-cool and effortlessly stylish about them, and I guess I’ve just never found the right backpack for me. This is until I unwrapped the most beautiful Fiorelli backpack from Chriselli, which was expertly chosen as a secret Santa gift by blogger What Laura Loves.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I received this in the post as part of the Watches2U #W2UxSecretSanta. It’s absolutely gorgeous! It’s made from a soft but sturdy grey material that’s finished with luxe gold touches. Simple but stunning, this is just the perfect style of backpack for me. I’m so impressed (and extremely grateful) that my secret Santa knows me better than I know myself!

At the moment I’m currently using it as my everyday bag because it can hold all of my daily essentials and more. Inside there are three separate compartments and two pockets, as well as another two zippy pockets on the outside. I like my bag to be really organised and this certainly helps!

I also found that with backpacks you don’t get arm cramp. I always carry my bags on my forearm and after awhile it doesn’t half ache, but with a backpack you don’t get this. I’m so use to wearing my bags like this that at first it was a little weird to have my arms down by either side of me.

Not only is it good for going to work everyday, but it’s big enough to carry my gym gear and my clothes and wash stuff for when I’m stopping at my boyfriend’s. Plus, the colour goes with the majority of my wardrobe.

I feel so silly for thinking I would never backpacks, especially when in the first few days of wearing this one I’ve received compliments on how lovely it looked. I guess it just takes someone to push you in the right direction or in this instance, having a stylish secret Santa babe that knows her fashion!

Have you got your eye on a certain bag this Christmas? What’s the best secret Santa gift you ever received? Do you have a backpack?

Sarah Jayne x

All images by Tasha Steel

(I was apart of a the Watches2U #W2UxSecretSanta secret Santa giveaway where I received my bag for free in exchange for a blog post. My post is completely honest and all words and opinions are my own)


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  1. December 14, 2016 / 2:02 pm

    YAY I’m so pleased you like your backpack Sarah, it looks great on you! Lovely post xxx

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