Matis Responsive Corrective LipControl

Matis Responsive Corrective LipControl

Matis Responsive Corrective LipControl

Matis Responsive Corrective LipControl

Chapped, sore and seriously dehydrated, the winter weather always affects my lips. Although this winter has been milder than usual, I’m still feeling the effects the cold season brings. Normally it takes a week or two of exfoliating followed by smothering my lips in layers of lip balm, but this time around I’ve been using the Matis Responsive Corrective LipControl from 25o.

This multi-correction formula from Matis is set to give your lips volume, well-defined contour and plenty of hydration. It’s also set to fill in lines along the grooves of your lips and give continuous nutrition.

I’ve been using it for a number of weeks now and my lips have never looked more supple or felt more soft, smooth and hydrated.

The smallest amount goes a long way, as the product itself is very thick in consistency. Unlike regular lip balms that feel greasy and soak into the lips quite quickly, the Matis LipControl is more like a lip mask that’s really thick and long-lasting. The product also doesn’t splutter off my lips when I’m talking or when I do that ‘mouth pop thing’ after I’ve applied it.

Since using this my lips look and feel plumper. It’s only a small change, but one I can definitely notice. Plus, the results look natural and the product doesn’t sting like those plump glosses. It’s no Kylie Jenner pout, but it’s not suppose to be. I think the product in general just restores some balance and gives you healthier looking lips.

I don’t usually suffer with lines on my lips unless they are chapped, and since using this not only has the flakey, dried skin disappeared but my lips are a lot smoother too. Plus, it’s relieved the sore and tight feeling that comes with chapped lips. 

Aesthetic-wise, the tube has a metal applicator, which I thought was a touch more luxurious than the average lip balm. I also thought this style of applicator allowed a more even coverage across my lips and eliminated any waste.

Overall, I think this product is more like a conditioning lip mask that nourishes and generally gives your lips that gorgeous kissable look. When there’s a change in weather my lips really suffer and I found this product conditions my lips and gets them looking better much fast than my previous method.

I would definitely recommend this product to people who suffer with chapped, sore and dry lips, as this product soothes, hydrates and the plumping, well that’s just an added bonus!

Have you tried the Matis LipControl before? What is your go-to lip saviour? Do you too suffer with bad lips once the weather changes?

Sarah Jayne x

(I received a complimentary product in exchange for a review. My review is completely honest and all words and opinions are my own)


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  1. January 2, 2017 / 12:09 am

    OOh I haven’t heard of this brand before! Thanks for introducing me to it :) I am using the By Terry Baume De Rose at the moment which is lovely and nourishing too!!

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