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Sweet Tooth Delivery

Sweet Tooth Delivery

Sweet Tooth Delivery

Sweet Tooth Delivery

Sweet Tooth Delivery

Sweet Tooth Delivery

Dubbed the “King Of Cake,” this American sweet emporium is no novice when it comes to serving up Insta-worthy looking desserts. The award-winning Sweet Tooth Delivery, in High Street West, Sunderland, offers a vast selection of desserts, sweet treats and American-inspired goodies that you can enjoy inside the cakery or from the comfort of your own home.

After hearing so much about the emporium I wanted the full American experience, so decided to venture inside for a cake date. The decor is a mixture of modern aesthetics and rustic touches, with red, white and blue hues running throughout. Think wooden walls, industrial lights, golden syrup cutlery holders and the ‘king of cake’ in light letters.

From sundaes and waffles to shakes and cakes, as well as weekly specials and the huge selection of toppings, there’s so much to choose from. Although Sweet Tooth Delivery is famous for its Skittles Rainbow Cake, I went for the Oreo Blast Indulgent Waffle* and Kinder Bueno Sweet Shake*, while my friend decided to made her own Sundae* with a Frozen Lemon & Passionfruit Lemonade* on the side.

When our desserts arrived we could hardly believe the size of them. My two slabs of waffles were topped with lashings of white chocolate sauce, crumbled Oreo biscuit, whipped cream, and if that wasn’t enough, two scoops of ice cream. My friend received a mountain of ice cream topped with whipped cream, blondie bites and so much sauce that the glass was overflowing and dripping down the sides.

After trying to decide the best way to tackle this treat, I just dove straight in. You could tell the waffle was freshly made as it was warm and incredibly soft, yet it had a slight crispiness that gave it that satisfying crunch. Since Oreo’s are dry they can be hard to eat on their own, but the mix of creamy ice cream and gooey sauce was actually better than washing them down with milk. Plus, the ice cream had small chunks of Oreo pieces in, which is always better than your average vanilla.

I have the biggest sweet tooth, but even I had to admit defeat. I seriously think if I ate one more bite of my waffle my jeans would have burst, so while my friend finished her sundae I sat and slurped the rest of my shake.

To be honest I had no room for it either, but it was too good to leave. The thick combination of hazelnut praline, chocolate, ice cream and whipped cream was just heavenly.

As I waddled out of the emporium I couldn’t resist taking a slice of mint aero cake home (when you see the cake fridge you’ll understand why I gave into temptation). I say slice, but this isn’t an ordinary sized slither, but more of a gigantic wedge. It was so big that it served three of us at home, and filled us all!

Stylish setting, fantastic atmosphere, great-tasting desserts and brilliant service – all hail the king of cake!

Have you been to Sweet Tooth Delivery before? What’s your favourite kind of dessert?

Sarah Jayne x

(* I received a complimentary meal in exchange for a review. My review is completely honest and all words and opinions are my own)


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