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Scream Factory

Scream Factory

Scream Factory

Scream Factory

Scream Factory

Scream Factory

If you’re looking for a truly frightening Halloween this year, then you need to visit Scream Factory, in Redcar. Since opening five years ago, Scream Factory has become the North East’s largest scare event with people travelling from all over the region, and further afield, to experience its thrills, horrific scenes and spook-tastic moments. I ventured to this unique and creative horror attraction on its opening night, to see what exactly lurks in the dark.

There’s two enthralling tours to choose from; the Twilight Tour and the Extreme Tour. The Twilight Tour is suited for children and families, who don’t want to be scared to death, and the Extreme Tour is for thrill-seekers, who have no fear. Personally the Extreme Tour* was the only way to go, as I absolutely love thrillers and horror movies.

Now, I’m not revealing any spoilers here because what lies behind the doors of the Scream Factory is worth seeing with your own eyes. All I can say is that it’s a mixture of gruesome-looking scenes covered in blood, guts and gore, horrifying creatures that crawl out of dark corners, pitch-black corridors that lead to the terrifying unknown and all the while Scream Factory is filled with shrieks, yells and the occasional chainsaw.

I was expecting Scream Factory to be a dressed up abandoned house, but honestly I was so impressed with it once I’d actually seen it. After the tour, I was lucky enough to see behind the scenes. From watching I could see there had been so much planning, thought and imagination that had gone into each section, even down to the smallest of details had been perfected.

It took me 45 minutes to drive through from Sunderland and it was totally worth it. In fact I’m already planning to go again with the rest of my family. Scream Factory is on every night until October 31st and at the end there’ll be a photo booth. So, as a souvenir, along with your sore throats from screaming, you’ll be able to take away a free photo with you.

Has anyone been to the Scream Factory yet? What are your Halloween plans this year?

Sarah Jayne x

(* I received a complimentary tour in exchange for a review. My review is completely honest and all words and opinions are my own)



  1. October 23, 2016 / 10:18 pm

    You are so brave! I’d need a lot of money to be convinced to go through that!

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