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When it comes to choosing trick or treat, I’m all about the treat (or treats). Instead of stocking up on sweets and chocolate that I’ll only end up eating, this year I decided to splurge on some devilishly good bathing products from LUSH Cosmetics, in the Bridges Shopping Centre.

I picked up the Pumpkin bath bomb, the Boo bath melt and the Sparkle Pumpkin bubble bar. Now, I’ve never tried a Lush bath bomb before. I’ve tried the bubble bars, massage bars and bath melts, but never a fizz-tastic bath bomb, so I was quite excited.

The Pumpkin bath bomb itself had a strong essence of vanilla and cinnamon, and smelt good enough to eat (doesn’t everything in Lush?)

I couldn’t really smell the scent once the bath bomb had dissolved, however, my bath looked incredible. It was bright orange. It looked like I was in a bath filled with Iron Bru or orange soda (for those of you who remember Kenan and Kel). The colour totally got me in the autumnal spirit.

I wasn’t quite ready to try the Sparkle Pumpkin bubble bar just yet (I’ve always stayed clear of the glitter bath bombs), so it was time to make the ghoul disappear. Now, I love the bath melts, especially You’ve Been Mangoed, it’s my absolute fave. Personally, I don’t think the Boo bath melt has a smell, but what it lacks in scent it makes up for in looks. Just look at it, isn’t it the cutest little ghost you’ve ever seen?

I did find this one left my skin feeling rather soft and moisturised, which I think is down to the cocoa butter in the bath melt. It did leave a strange looking coloured ring around my bath, which I swear wasn’t down to me, but I guess it adds to the halloween vibes.

I didn’t realise the Sparkle Pumpkin was a bubble bar until I was crumbling it into my bath. Normally I break bubble bars into pieces and use little bits at a time, but no, I put the whole thing in my bath – opps.

When I first saw the Sparkle Pumpkin it didn’t make me think of Halloween, in fact it made me think of Cinderella and her sparkly pumpkin carriage, and now I know why – because that’s what it’s based on!

Just like the Pumpkin bath bomb, this bubble bar turned my bath bright orange with the added lashings of glitter. Like I said before I’m not a huge glitter fan, so I was glad that my skin wasn’t covered in it when I got out of the bath. Bathing in a gorgeous glitter vortex without looking like I covered myself in highlighter is a win-win for me!

Have you tried any of the Halloween products from Lush? What’s your favourite Lush product?

Sarah Jayne x


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