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Primark Contour Crayons

Primark Contour Crayons

Primark Contour Crayons

Primark Contour Crayons

Primark Contour Crayons

Primark Contour Crayons

When it comes to contouring I’ve been really eager to try cream products as opposed to powders, so before I take the plunge and purchase something expensive I thought I would try out Primark’s contour crayons.

The contour pack comes with three crayons in highlight, bronze and shade, as well as a sharpener. For £3 I think this is seriously good value for money, and even if it doesn’t work you aren’t going to cry over £3 are you?

Colour-wise, I think the bronze and shade crayons are spot-on for contouring, however, I think the highlight has too many yellow undertones. Since I’m really fair I need a white-ish concealer to highlight my under eyes, nose and chin. Unfortunately, because the highlight crayon has yellow undertones is does absolutely nothing for me, but I’m like whiter than white, so maybe it’ll work for olive skin?

The bronze crayon is the only one I use, as the shade crayon is far too dark for me, however, the bronze is the perfect colour for my skin. I’m actually really surprised at how good it is considering it was in a set that only cost me £3 (I know, you should never judge a book based on its cover!)

Anyways, the crayon is really easy to apply to the areas you want it and since it has a sharp tip it’s really precise. I usually apply this to the hallows of my cheeks and my forehead – after trying to contour my nose with a fork I’ve given up on that! A little goes a long way, so I suggest applying only a very small line.

The product is really soft and creamy, which makes it really easy to blend out. I use a damp beauty blender and within minutes the product is completely dabbed in and my features look much more defined. Since it’s more of a bronzy colour, I think you could also use this crayon as an all-over bronzer too.

I’m really impressed with this crayon. I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks now and I haven’t needed to sharpen it yet. I also picked up the strobing crayons too, which I’ll be reviewing, so watch out for that one! Have you tried these crayons yet or something similar? Let me know your thoughts!

Sarah Jayne x

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  1. September 26, 2016 / 11:26 am

    Oooh I’m intrigued by these and may have to buy some! I’ve got a contour kit that is running out and being on mat leave I’m having to tighten the purse strings. Who knows this maybe my ultimate contouring kit?? Thanks for the review and I look forward to the strobe review

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