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Yes you read that right. Today I’m talking about contouring with a fork. An actual fork from my kitchen draw. I saw Nikki Tutorials do this on her Youtube channel and I absolutely loved it.

Now, I attempt to chisel my cheekbones on a regular basis, however, I’ve never ever tried to contour my nose. I really should as it’s rather large, but I always worry I’ll cock it up and make my nose look even worse.

After watching Nikki’s video, it made me think although this technique may be crazy, it seems simple and effective. So, here goes nothing…

This contouring method is definitely not as easy as it looks. I’m not sure if I have a funny shaped nose or I was using the wrong shaped fork (if that is even possible), but I think this experiment was an utter failure.

I mean does it even looked contoured? I placed the fork flat to my nose and used a Real Techniques eyeshadow brush to apply my contour and highlight.

For contouring I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills palette to fill in the two outer parts and my MUA highlighter to brighten down the middle. I then used my fingers to blend out the lines as they were a little harsh.

I think this was unsuccessful, but what do you think?

Sarah Jayne x


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  1. September 12, 2016 / 9:51 pm

    E I giggled through this. Love the idea of contouring with a fork, genius!! Haha xxxx

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