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I had never heard of Zoella until she launched her book and cosmetic range, and while millions love her I have to admit I wasn’t really a fan. I’ve never watched her videos, so I never really got the whole craze and when she launched her cosmetic line I didn’t really think much of it… until now.

I was shopping in Superdrug, in The Bridges Shopping Centre, and I came across her new Sweet Inspirations collection and I was totally in love with it. I’m a sucker for gorgeous packaging and this time around Zoella had finally managed to sway me over.

I picked up the Bath Latte (£6) and the Le Fizz Fragranced Bath Fizzer (£5) because the package is just too cute. In fact, the lady at the counter actually asked me if I was buying a drink and chocolate bar, and my mam asked the same thing!

Before you even open these products you can already smell them. The scent that lingers around them is absolutely incredible. I think my favourite thing about both these products, apart from the super cute packaging, is the smell.

I tried the Bath Latte first because the packaging is just so adorable, and I have to say it’s definitely my favourite of the two. The liquid is so creamy and you only need a little bit to create a luscious lather. Plus, you can use it in the shower and bath. I’m more of a bath kinda girl, and just a few drops creates a gorgeous bubble bath, which is ideal after a long day.

I hate to admit, but I found the fizz bar was totally disappointing. Don’t get me wrong it looks and smells absolutely amazing, but after dropping four cubes in my bath I expected more than just my water to smell nice.

I thought it would turn my water pink or create a bubble bath or something, but sadly my water was crystal clear. I really love the Bath Latte and would buy that again, but for fizz bars and bath bombs I think I’ll save my pennies for Lush.

Have you tried Zoella’s new range? What did you think of the fizz bar? Would you buy the products again?

Sarah Jayne x


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