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I was lucky enough to pick up some Nyx products when I visited Miami last year, and I must of picked a bad bunch because they did absolutely nothing for me. Since then Nyx has popped up in our local Boots stores and having seen so much hype surrounding the brand, I ventured to the counter in the Metro Centre to pick up some more products.

After spending ages, and I mean ages, trying to find a lipstick I liked that wasn’t sold out, I ended up buying the Vinyl Liquid Liner (£5.50) and the HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder (£8).

I’m absolutely obsessed with the HD Studio Photogenic Finishing Powder, it does exactly what it says on the tub – it turns your foundation into photogenic perfection. Not only is it great from my foundation, but it’s actually completely transformed my undereye area.

No matter if I use a cream or liquid concealer, during the day it would go all wrinkly and sit in the creases underneath my eyes. Thankfully this matte magic power that this product holds has stopped that from happening, so there’s no need for me to keep checking and rubbing my under eyes.

I think the application process is similar to baking, maybe? Anyways, all you need is a small amount on a fluffy brush and it smooths out and mattes any area you dab it on. I’m so impressed with the results from this powder that I can’t believe I’ve been spending £20.50 on blotting powder from MAC.

When it comes to eyeliner I’m really fussy. It needs to be the blackest of black and it can’t smudge, and I’ve found it really hard to find a product that ticks both boxes. At the moment I use a L’Oreal gel liner with a brush and although I love the colour it smudges after a few hours.

Again the Vinyl Liquid Liner has really impressed me. The fine tip allows for precise and easy application, and not only is the colour super black, but it dries instantly and doesn’t smudge. For me it ticks all the right boxes – where has it been all my life?!

Warning, this product has some seriously staying power. At first I thought it was a new mascara I’d been using, but this eyeliner doesn’t wash off easy. It comes off my eyes quite easy, however, I’ve found it turns into a rubbery consistency and so I find smudges of it down my cheeks, which takes some scrubbing to get off.

I’m not complaining because for me it lasts all day, but y’know if you don’t want to find streaks of eyeliner down your face the next morning you may want to invest in a good make-up remover or find a different liner.

Have you tried Nyx Cosmetics yet? What products did you buy? Can anyone recommend any good shades of lippy for me to try?

Sarah Jayne x



  1. Gemma Louise
    July 1, 2016 / 10:19 pm

    I need to get my hands on both of these products after your review! I love a good liquid eyeliner and I really suffer with creasing under my eyes so maybe this is the powder that will change that! x

    • July 5, 2016 / 8:36 pm

      Hi Gemma, I honestly swear by this powder, both myself and my friend couldn’t believe we were paying stupid money on setting powders when this one is a mere £8 and the results are amazing. I don’t think the eyeliner is for everyone as it is a little difficult to wash off, but I personally think it’s great. Let me know if you get them! xx

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