Pleased To Meet You, Newcastle

Pleased To Meet You, Newcastle






Nestled along a cobbled alley just off Grey Street you’ll find Please To Meet You, a restaurant where British dishes are combined with classic French techniques. With bare brick walls on display, ceilings draped with glass chandeliers and an array of copper accessories, the venue simply oozes style.

Not only is Pleased To Meet You on trend with its industrial-like decor, but it’s clear that the eatery is also a fashionable place to dine. Chloe and myself arrived on a sunny Saturday afternoon and within an hour the establishment was turning customers away because it was at full capacity.

Food-wise, Chloe kindly invited me to join her in sampling the new lunch menu that recently launched, as well as catching up on all things blog and wedding related. The menu however offers two courses for £9.95 or three courses for £12.95 between 12pm-6pm Monday to Friday.

From slow cooked duck to market fishcakes, if you’re looking for a lunch menu with a difference then this is it. After a difficult decision, I ordered the chicken and bacon terrine (£5.00) for starters, followed by seared minute steak sandwich (£7.95).

We didn’t wait long for our starters to arrive. A wedge of chicken and bacon filled my plate along with some pickled carrots and thin crisp breads. Personally the terrine was a little too salty for me, however paired with the crisp thins I’m sure you meat lovers out there would devour the lot.

On the other hand my main really impressed me. I was expecting those really fine, thin slices of steak, however it was like they took a sirloin steak placed it in a bun and topped it with bacon and cheese – could it get any better than that?! My sandwich was so big it was close to toppling over, well actually it did, but I managed to quickly saved it!

Once I figured out my strategy plan on how to attack it I dived straight it. Every bite was a range of different textures and flavours. Since the steak was served pink, which is idea for me, it was incredibly juicy and tender. The bacon was crispy and the rich, mature cheddar that had melted over everything was just the perfect topping.

In-between bites I nibbled on my fries, which were fluffy on the inside and crisp on the outside, and sprinkled with just the right amount of seasoning. They were so good they needed no condiments. Normally, I can easily demolish a sandwich and chips, but I was defeated by the slab of steak.

Since my jeans were about to burst I was dead set against not ordering dessert, until I glanced over the menu again and found the citrus cream, blood orange, pistachios and zest dessert (£4.95) which made my mouth water.

I had absolutely no clue to what it was, however one of the waitresses told me that if I wanted a small dessert with a lot of flavour that it was the best one to choose, so I did. It was beautifully presented – white mousse layered with orange segments and sprinkled with pistachio and biscuit pieces.

The mousse was incredibly light and bursting with an orange flavour. I never would have put orange and nuts together, but the pieces of pistachio and biscuit really complemented the mousse, plus it gave the dish an added crunch.

Although the portion wasn’t huge it was just enough to leave me feeling content and my palate refreshed. When we could eventually move, Chloe took to the shops and I curled up on the metro and fell into a deep food coma all the way back to Sunderland.

Have you been to Pleased To Meet You? What did you order? Do you have any Newcastle restaurant recommendations?

Sarah Jayne x


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