Wedding Hair Inspiration With Frances Marshall

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Summer is almost here, which for many of us means weddings, race days and plenty of garden parties. For me this summer is all about weddings – two of my close friends are getting married and I’m actually so excited I could burst!

Since a wedding is once in a lifetime, I feel like your outfit, make-up and hair has to be absolutely perfect. Now, it’s the latter I’m most concerned about as I can’t do a single thing with my ginger mop.

Like seriously, I can’t even perform the simplest backcombing tasks. So, when I was invited to Sunderland’s Salon Of The Year for a wedding hair updo I just couldn’t believe my luck – what perfect timing!

Frances Marshall is situated on the corner of a cobbled road in Sunniside. For those of you who haven’t been to Sunderland, I promise you Sunniside is the most gorgeous place in the city centre. It’s full of listed buildings, quirky bars and restaurants and unique landscape decorations, and the salon looks out onto it all. And the salon itself looks even better!

Once you enter the glass doors you’ll notice everything is simple, sleek and stylish. Bare brick walls, dark wood surfaces and a glittering penny wall, it’s no surprise this salon is award-winning.

It was a Saturday morning, so the salon was quite busy, however there was no waiting around. As soon as my coat was off I was shown to my seat and offered a complimentary prosecco, beer, tea or coffee. Now, I was tempted by the prosecco, but y’know it was only 10am, so I went for a strong cuppa instead.

I was so impressed with how Frances Marshall treated me – I know a cuppa is only a small gesture, but I find small things make a difference, and it wasn’t just me. They called a taxi for the lady next to me and even opened the taxi door for her when it arrive – how sweet?!

Anyways, back to the hair. I knew I wanted some kind of braid, as boho braids are bang on trend for the summer, and lots of volume. After looking at my face shape and the cut of my hair Georgia explained what she was going to do, and as soon as I gave her the thumbs up, I sat back and relaxed with my cuppa.

The hair transformation was complete after just 20 minutes, which was so bloody quick, and I was absolutely thrilled with the results. Georgia took my ideas and created something that not only suited my face shape, but made me feel like a glamour model.

Big and voluminous on top, curled and pinned to the back and incorporated along the side was a boho braid – I absolutely loved it! In addition to using a mixture of products Georgia made sure I did the hair test (shake your hair to see if it’s loose), which ensured my hair lasted all day, and it did.

I was so happy with my hair that I’ve actually already booked to go back to Frances Marshall for a updo on the day of my friend’s wedding!

What hairstyles are you loving these season? Are you going to a wedding this year? If you’re looking for some hair inspiration check out Frances Marshall on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Sarah Jayne x


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