Precision Brow Detailer by Mii

Precision Brow Detailer by Mii





Ever heard of the saying “big things come in small packages?” This is exactly what came to mind when I tried the Precision Brow Detailer by Mii.

This petite brow pencil may not look like much, but when it comes to making sure your brows are on point it creates immaculate arches with ease and precision.

When I first popped the lid off, I thought there is no way this tiny tip is going to do anything for my brows, and oh boy was I wrong! I found the ultra-fine tip is perfect for effortless sculpting and styling.

I normally use a pomade or combination of pencil and powder, so I was a little concerned that with this small pencil I was going to struggle to fill in my brows. Again, this little magic wand proved me wrong.

This Brow Detailer may look like a pencil, however the product boasts a creamy consistency. I found that once I drew the outer edges of my brows it was really easy to fill them in, as the pencil blended everything together without any noticeable lines or patches.

If you haven’t got a steady hand when it comes to drawing on your brows, then I would recommend the Precision Brow Detailer, as the thin tip really makes it easy to get those brows on fleek.

I don’t know about you, but I spend quite a bit of time (more time than I would like to admit) on my brows in the morning. If you need to be up and out, this product is ideal as not only does it shape and fill in my brows, but it gives my brows that truly defined look that I always aim to achieve.

Have you tried this eyebrow pencil before? What brows products do you swear by? Please share your links with me!

Sarah Jayne x


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