Collection 2000 Primer and Powder

Collection 2000 Primer and Powder





Since I’m saving up for a mortgage I’m trying to make cuts where I can, because y’know every little helps, and one aspect I’m trying to cut back on is make-up. On a mission to save money I’ve been bashing Boots in search for some drug store products that are dupes of my more luxurious items.

Sadly, my favourite MAC powder is no more so I picked up the Collection 2000 powder (£2.99) after a few recommendations, and since I absolutely love the Lasting Perfection Concealer I thought it would be a winner. Sadly, that wasn’t the case. Although the powder is translucent and is easy to apply, there’s just something about it that hasn’t quite swayed me.

If you’re looking for a powder that keeps you matte all day, then this product certainly delivers. There’s just one problem; during the day small patches start to appear that look like areas of dry skin. I mean it’s nothing major, it’s just a little annoying as I don’t suffer with dry skin. It hasn’t stopped me using this product though. I’m sort of on a mission to try and find the right brush to buff it into my skin with, any suggestions?

Although I said face primer wasn’t for me, lately it’s become one of my everyday make-up products. I fell in love with the No7 cream face primer from the Christmas advent calendar, however to cut costs I picked up the Collection 2000 Primed and Ready (£4.99).

The bottle states ‘mattifying pore minimiser’ and although I don’t see a change in my pores, luckily for me I haven’t got noticeably large pores, it definitely keeps my appearance matte. I’m not sure if you’re suppose to, but I don’t apply this all over my face. I mean, please tell me if I’m wrong? I apply it to my forehead and down towards the tip of my nose, so basically my T-zone.

I hold my hands up and take back what I said about face primers, as I can definitely see the difference when using it. Over the course of the day my T-zone usually goes from dry to oily, and the bright office lights shining off my greasy forehead is something I just don’t need, so thank the lord I found a solution with Collection 2000.

If you’re in need of a budget primer or powder, and you love a matte appearance, then I recommend you give these a go. Have any of you tried these products before? What are your thoughts? Are there any other powders or primers you could recommend I try?

Sarah Jayne x


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