ICON India Everyday Wonder Gift Set

ICON India Everyday Wonder Gift Set






Did you know there’s actually a correct way to wash your hair? I had no idea I was doing it wrong until I picked up the ICON India Everyday Wonder Gift Set* from 25o, at 24 Carat Hair & Beauty, in Sunderland.

This beautifully packaged gift set contains ICON India Hair-Yurvedics shampoo, conditioner and agran oil that’s set to revitalise and nourish my hair, while giving it strength and added shine.

I was really excited to try out these products, as a little bit of TLC is exactly what my hair needs when the winter weather strikes. So, as soon as I got the chance I was ready to be educated on how to properly clean my hair…

Step 1 – Pump the shampoo into the palm of your hand and rub together to create a creamy texture.

Step 2 – Apply the product to the scalp, add a splash of water and work down from the top, to the mid length and finally the ends.

Step 3 – Add a good splash of water to the hair to allow the shampoo to lather and foam.

Step 4 – Massage through the hair for one or two minutes and rinse.

After I’d followed these steps it actually made perfect sense. If my hair is soaking, like it normally is, surely the product would just slide right off? Since I only dampened my hair I felt like could actually work the shampoo into my roots for a proper clean.

This method did make my hair feel cleaner, but I don’t know if it was down to this new technique or the collection of products. Maybe a bit of both, but I’m swaying more to these gorgeous products.

I love the pump dispenser that the duo features. I’m use to using open-cap bottles and I find that I either end up dropping it in the shower or squirting far too much product out. Both the shampoo and conditioner smell incredible – the mixture of amber and argan oil is such a comforting scent.

I always feel argan can be quite… heavy? So, I was surprised to see that once I dried my hair it had a lot of volume. Since my hair is quite thick it usually takes a lot of backcombing to give it some humph, so these results really impressed me. Plus, there was no signs of fizz, just soft, bouncy locks.

If you’re like me, my second day hair is so flat it isn’t even worth styling, so it usually gets demoted to a ponytail or bun. However, I found with these products I was actually getting two days worth of ‘just washed’ hair. Of course there was a little less volume, but that’s worth it to not have to shove my hair up so often.

Again with the argan oil I love its dispenser. The oil I currently use I have to our into my hand and since you only need the tiniest bit I always over do it and end up with greasy ends, which is just a disaster after you’ve spent all that time washing and drying it! Thankfully, you don’t get that with this product.

I always find argan oil is such good value for money and the same goes for this one. All you need is a few drops and I find this one in particular absorbs fully into my hair within just a few minutes. Once you’ve cleansed, nourished and replenished your hair this oil is the perfect finishing touch that helps set the shine.

The combination of the anti-aging ingredients, oils and vitamins transformed my hair from a dull, fizzy and lifeless mane into soft, sleek and shiny locks.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous gift set or just want to treat yourself, I would recommend this from 25o to anyone whose hair needs some extra care and attention. Have you tried these products before? What are your favourite hair products?

Sarah Jayne x


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