Lifestyle | My Experience With EMS At Kern Fitness

Lifestyle | My Experience With EMS At Kern Fitness





What if I told you, you could condense a three hour workout into just 20 minutes. I know, it sounds impossible right, well thanks to Kern Fitness with the combination of personal training and electro muscular stimulation it’s actually possible.

Kern Fitness is the only gym in the North East who are using this mix of technology and training to provide an efficient and effective workout. When the invitation landed in my inbox I thought I was just going to an average personal training session, but when I got there I soon realised that Kern Fitness is not an ordinary workout.

Before I explain my experience, I thought I would break down what this workout and new technology is all about, so you get a better understanding…

How does EMS (Electro Muscular Stimulation) work?
“EMS is a harmless milliamp current that simulates the natural action of your nervous system and activates the muscle directly via electrodes.”

How does this workout work?
“You’re attached to the EMS machine for 20 minutes, which is the equivalent to three hours of conventional training. For every second of EMS activation your muscles are stimulated 85 times, which generates a resistance that you have to work against with every movement or exercise your trainer puts you through.”

When will you see the results?
“Although everybody is different you should feel the results instantly. Approximately after five to six sessions you will not only feel the different, but you’ll see it. The trainers say, ‘it takes four weeks for you to see your body changing, eight weeks for friends and family and 12 weeks for the rest of the world.”

Get ready…
Before I started the workout I was asked to stand on a set of scales, which told me my weight, what percentage of my weight was fat, my visceral fat, my BMR and my physique rating. I’ve being going to the gym for a while now and I’ve never had these measurements taken before, so it was very refreshing and surprising to see the results. The BMR was the most interesting, it actually told me how many calories my body burns naturally, so now when I have a lazy Sunday I’m not going to feel guilty!

Surprisingly, you don’t need your gym gear for this class, which is ideal for those who have a bad habit of forgetting it. The personal trainers at Kern Fitness provide you with a black top and bottoms, and then it’s time to place the vest on. It’s slightly like putting on a life jacket. When it was fastened up Carra, my personal trainer for the evening, placed a strap across my chest, stomach and bum, as well as two across my arms and thighs. Then she inserted a cable into the vest and tuned me into the machine.

Before we started we had to adjust the EMS to my personal requirements, which you only need to do once. Carra simply turned up the electrodes until they became too much for my muscles and then we hit go. For 20 minutes the machine pulsed my muscles on and off, while I performed simple squats, weights, lunges, planks and other easy movements. The pulsing didn’t hurt, the only thing I can compare it to is it felt like lying on one of those jets you get in a spa bath, but all over my body.

The verdict…
While it was the easiest exercise I’ve ever done, I was absolutely sweating and exhausted. My personal trainer Carra was so friendly, it wasn’t awkward and we actually had a good natter throughout it and I always find a bit of banter is always good. Coming off the machine and getting changed I did feel like I’d just done two classes at the gym, so I prepared myself for the aching that would come the next day. Surprisingly, I was sore but I was expecting to be absolutely aching after condensing three hours into just 20 minutes. The next day was slightly worse, but again not as bad as it should have been.

I felt like I kinda cheated because not only did I not complete a three hour workout, but after just one session I felt amazing; my tummy felt completely slimmed down and tucked in. If you struggle to fit a workout into your busy schedule, I’d definitely recommend you try the EMS at Kern Fitness. It’s bang in the centre of Newcastle and because it’s only 20 minutes you could even squeeze it into your lunch hour. And the best thing is, you only need two sessions a week because your body needs rest and time to regenerate the tissues after each session.

I’ve recommended it to my dad as he’s overweight and very embarrassed about going to the gym. Plus, he has a bad hip and back, and the EMS machine is ideal for sports injuries, general injuries and people who suffer with arthritis. Plus, they currently have an introductory price of two sessions for £25, which I think will make for an ideal Christmas present for him.

Has anyone else had a free trial? What did you think? Do you think these style of exercise would work for you?

Sarah Jayne x


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