Beauty | Miriam Quevedo Sublime Gold Collection

Beauty | Miriam Quevedo Sublime Gold Collection





Soft, sleek and shiny are words I have never used to describe my hair before, like ever. It’s more of a thick, fizzy and generally an out of control mess, and on a bad hair day you can add flat to that unflattering list too.

For once I’m actually having a good relationship with my hair. I’m making the effort to style it and leave it down, I’m constantly touching it and swishing it about like I’m in the Mean Girls movie, and it’s all down to Mitonia and its sensational Miriam Quevedo The Sublime Gold Oil Collection*.

Now, this has to be the most luxurious product I’ve ever received. Wrapped within a white box was a gorgeous gold bag filled with the Miriam Quevedo Gold Shampoo*, Gold Mask* and the Gold Lotion*. Aside from the stunning packaging the smell of the products was just captivating.

At this point I hadn’t even tried the products, but the mix of argan, camellia, sweet almond and raspberry seed that surrounded the items as I unwrapped them spurred me on to jump in the shower straight away and give them a go.

This collection is ideal for medium to thick hair, especially if it’s dry, damaged or colour-treated hair. My hair is definitely thick, definitely dry and thanks to my straighteners, it’s definitely damaged. Plus, during the winter my hair alway fades and kinda loses it’s ginger glow, so I was rather excited to see if these products revitalised, transformed and enhanced my ginger mane.

I found the products themselves were just as pretty, if not prettier, than the actual packaging. All three products are gleaming with gold sparkles, but the best surprise was yet to come when I finally dried my hair.

The Gold Shampoo and Gold Mask completely transformed my hair. Thanks to the 10 precious oils they contain my hair was incredibly smooth. Normally after drying it, it’s so dry and fizzy and have to smother the ends in argan oil. It was so sleek that I didn’t even need to straighten my hair, which for me is a daily task. Not only did my hair look and feel amazing, it smelt absolutely delicious. It’s the best my hair has felt and looked in a long time.

The most prettiest product of them all has to be the Gold Lotion. Simply shake to active the shine-enhancing agents, which you can actually see as the gold water turns into a glittery solution, and then spray onto your dried hair for maximum shine.

Not only did these products make my hair incredibly smooth and sleek, but since they’re infused with micronised gold 24K my hair was dazzling. It gave my hair its glow back. It looked so shiny and healthy, and it was definitely the boost it needed in this cold, miserable weather.

Do you suffer with bad hair days? Have you tried The Sublime Gold Collection?

Sarah Jayne x


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