Beauty | Fleur De Force Lip Glosses

Beauty | Fleur De Force Lip Glosses




By now you should know I’m always late to the product party. Y’know there was the eyebrows, the foundation and of course my latest Lush confession. This time I’m talking about a make-up brand I know you’re all aware of – Fleur De Force.

I must have saw countless posts, tweets and Instagram pictures about this lady and her new range, and I was still completely oblivious to what was happening and to what was even going on. It wasn’t until I clicked on Feel Unique and was browsing that I came across her launch video and then it hit me like Miley’s giant wrecking ball – a new make-up range!

After careful consideration I chose two lip glosses; written in the stars and starry, starry night, to try out. Here are my thoughts…

Part of what attracts me to most beauty products is the packaging and I just love the simplistic branding and gun metal shading of these glosses. Before I even got my hands on them I was a little shocked and excited by the price. I was expecting them to be a little more expensive, but for £6.99 I thought they were a pretty decent price tag.

One of my favourite things about these glosses is the smell. It’s incredible, it’s like a sweet vanilla essence. Sometimes I find some products smell quite chemical, whereas I wish all my lip products smelt like these. Throughout the day I’ll keep reapplying, more often than I should, just so I can get a whiff of these delicious glosses.

I also think they’re really pigmented, normally with glosses I find when you rub your lips together sometimes the colour separates, but the colour simply sits and stays on your lips.

I have to admit I’m more of a lipstick kind of girl, as I just find lip glosses to be far to sticky and it’s a nightmare when a gust of wind comes along and suddenly you have hairy lips! But, these aren’t as sticky as most glosses I’ve tried and they’ve soon become one of favourite products to reach for when I’m doing my make-up.

Have you tried these lip glosses or any other items in the Fleur De Force range?

Sarah Jayne x


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