Beauty | Two Essential Real Techniques Brushes

Beauty | Two Essential Real Techniques Brushes





You can never have enough make up brushes, right? That was my thought when I came across these Real Techniques brushes when I was shopping in Ultra, in Miami. These little beauties ended up in my basket for two reasons; one, they were so much cheaper in America and two, isn’t the aim to have the full collection?

The two brushes I’m talking about are the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Stippling Brush. I knew when I picked these up that they obliviously did something on my face, but I actually had no clue what. After watching Sam Chapman on YouTube, I realised that I should of had these brushes years ago!

At the moment I currently use the Buffing Brush to apply my foundation, but what I found when I was researching was that this particular brush is for buffing powder and cream foundations, as well as other products, as apposed to the liquid one I use daily. Maybe that’s the reason why skin doesn’t have a flawless, even finish?

Apparently, I’m supposed to be using the Expert Face Brush as this is meant for liquid foundations and achieving a fuller-looking coverage. I’ve yet to put my Buffing Brush down, but I’m going to make the switch and see if this way works better and use my Buffing Brush for my MAC Blotting Powder.

The Stippling Brush, on the other hand, is meant for applying really light foundations and other products you want in a certain area, without disturbing what’s already on your face. I actually tried this out with my blusher and it’s amazing how a few little dabs are able to blend the colour, without any harsh lines.

Is anyone using the Expert Face Brush at the moment? Or have in the past – what are your thoughts? Can any of you suggest a product that the Buffing Brush applies amazingly?

Sarah Jayne x


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