Beauty | Baby B. Browne Self-Tanning Lotion

Beauty | Baby B. Browne Self-Tanning Lotion

Baby B. Brown Self-Tanning Lotion*



A weird combo of the two

Recently, I’ve been talking about products that just aren’t ‘me’ and fake tan was sadly one of them. If you read my last post then you’ll understand that me and false tan have a love hate relationship – I’d love to wear it, but it hates my skin. Before I hold my hands up and admit defeat, in a bid to give fake tan once last chance, I’ve decided to roll up my sleeves and get those rubber gloves back on.

The tan I’m testing out is by Irish tanning brand, Baby B. Browne. This product has been developed to create a natural looking tan that not only leaves a flawless colour, but also nourishes skin. Since this tan has been dubbed Cosmopolitan and Vogue-worthy, and I’m hitting Newcastle for a night out, I thought this is the best time to give it a go.

Application // After shaving and exfoliating I took a £1 tanning mitt and started to apply my tan, which was really easy. The bottle says lotion but I would say it’s more of a gel, as it’s quite a thick consistency. With circular motions the tan absorbed quickly into my skin and due to the aloe vera properties the tan faded evenly. Most importantly it didn’t leave that horrible sticky feeling.

Smell // I’m always cautious about the smell of false tan because let’s face it, some smell like our favourite curries, however Baby B. Browne is infused with vanilla extracts to give it a light, fresh scent. According to Baby B. Browne most perfumes are vanilla based, so the tan is suppose to work in harmony with your favourite fragrance. I wasn’t sure how true this was going to be, but when I applied it the tan it did smell really refreshing – I actually couldn’t believe it was false tan.

Colour // Unlike most brands Baby B. Browne only comes in one shade – medium. This is because it’s designed to react differently to every individual skin type. I’m naturally pale and never opt for anything other than light, so I was a little worried it would be too dark for me. Luckily, those aloe vera properties did their thing, as I had a natural summer glow, with no hints of umpa lumpa – result!

Results // Considering I hit the ‘toon’ and danced my little socks off, I was extremely happy with the results. Not only did I feel confident getting my legs out but after being in countless clubs (and we all know how flustered we can when the dance floor is full) my tan didn’t rub off onto my white blouse or white bra! My skin didn’t feel dry or irritated either, it felt soft and smooth.

I’m going to mention this, because I probably should of read it but didn’t – Baby B. Browne is not only a false tan, but a tan developer. I woke up the next day and the first thing I noticed when going to the bathroom was – I was browner than the night before. Since I’m not a bronzed babe at all I did panic a little because I had no idea how to keep a tan up. Luckily, for me the majority of it washed off when I jumped in the shower. However, I still had a lovely, even glow, which lasted five days.

If you love your false tans and wear it regularly, then I recommend you try Baby B. Browne. In fact, after I used it the following evening my sister and her friend’s borrowed it. They loved it so much I’m still waiting to get the bottle back!

Has anyone else tried Baby B. Browne tan? Have any of you had any bad tan experiences?

Sarah Jayne x


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