How I Edit My Blogging Images

How I Edit My Blogging Images

How I Edit My Blogging Images




It’s came to my attention that I edit my images in the strangest of places. I don’t know about any of you, but I never actually dedicate any time to editing, I kind of just do it inbetween doing other things. Where do you find yourself editing your images? Some of the places I edit my images are…

Travelling on the Metro // It’s quite rare I get public transport because I drive, but when I do, what used to be a session of listening to my iPod has now changed to a session of editing. Which, when the Metro is packed and you’ve got people having a neb over your shoulder I guess it can look quite strange.

Outside my house // Yes, you’ll usually see me sitting in my car, on my drive for a while after I’ve turned off the engine. I’ve got a habit of checking my phone when I’ve parked up and if I’ve got photos that need editing I always take a moment before stepping into the house to edit them. It must look really weird to my neighbours me just sitting in my car, especially when I don’t realise how long I’ve been sitting there.

In the bath // I know, water and technology don’t mix, but yes I edit my images while in the bath. It’s funny because I always plan to relax with a good book, but because my phone is always in my hand, it just happens to come with me. And let’s be honest, once you’re on your phone you can spend hours on it.

Instagram // Since I don’t have a professional camera I always use my iPhone and to make sure my images look the part, I downloaded various different photography apps. However, they were an utter waste, because I edit all my images on Instagram. Yes, whenever I upload a photo, I always end up editing others I’ve taken.

Lunch // In my half an hour breaks at work, inbetween scoffing bites of my dinner, once I’ve checked all my notifications and had a scroll through Facebook and Twitter, I spend my time wisely editing my photos.

Where do you edit your images? Anywhere out of the ordinary? Let me know!

Sarah Jayne x


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  1. July 12, 2015 / 9:41 am

    I have heard such great things about FaceTune, I think I am going to have to get it

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