Beauty | Going French with Avene Skincare Range

Beauty | Going French with Avene Skincare Range






I change my skincare products more often than I have Sunday dinners. Fact. What can I say, I guess I just haven’t found the one. That one skincare brand that I absolutely love and swear by completely, and of course, actually does its job.

Now, I’ve read that French skincare is the best kind of skincare. It was something along the lines that French people have beautiful skin and it had something to do with the fact they start their three-step cleansing routine from the age of 14!

So in the bid to find my perfect skincare brand, I ordered some French products including; Light Hydration Cream, Gentle Gel Cleanser, Anti-wrinkle Emulsion and Eye and Lip Contour Cream.

The Results.

Now, I’ve never tried a gel cleanser before, I always use an exfoliator, which I’ve found out is very bad for my skin. And although the texture of it feels like it’s not actually washing my skin, since using it my skin has never felt softer.

This, combined with the hydrating cream, which because it has a UV factor in it smells amazingly like suncream, has made my skin feels firm, but plump. My skin looks and feels the best its been in a long while.

I’ve learnt a little goes a long way with the anti-wrinkle emulsion and eye cream. I’ve also noticed that the skin around my eyes appears lighter and feels a lot tighter, (me 1, wrinkles 0 – hell yeah!)

I know that the eye area and our lips are the only two places that don’t produce its own hydration, so I was really pleased to know that I could use the eye cream on my lips as well. But, to be honest I didn’t really use it on my lips, because I use plenty of lip balm and always dab face cream on them.

Overall, the results have been amazing and I’m actually looking at other products in their brand to try, the only thing I’ll suggest if you’re looking at buying them is read the descriptions, because since the products are from Paris the writing is quite hard to read/understand on the label.

Have you tried this brand before? What’s your thoughts?

Sarah Jayne x


What's your thoughts?

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