Blogging | My Five Bad Habits

Blogging | My Five Bad Habits


Yes, I admit sometimes I’m a bad blogger. Not because I choose to be just sometimes life gets in the way and my blog gets put on hold. Thankfully, I have been able to sort out my web hosting issue recently. I have to thank for that! Anyway, here are some bad habits that I’ve picked up while blogging…

Never stick to my schedule // Before starting my blog I read that a lot of bloggers stick to a posting schedule, so when Plain Sarah Jayne was ready to go in December, I thought it was only right I had one too. At first I was strict and posted every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, however the mix of writers block and working six days a week that sometimes changes ALOT. So, readers I do apologise.

Forever drafting posts half finished // I never, ever finish a post. From the simplest wish list to a complex review, I always seem to lose my focus. Even now writing this post, I’ll get half way through and draft it. I think it’s because my bed is my office area and let’s face it; bed + Netflix = series binging.

Never do outfit posts // I think since starting my blog I’ve posted one outfit post of myself – it’s so bad as a fashion blogger, I know. With a constant flow of shopping hauls I should be doing one at least once a week, but I either never have any time or I never have a photographer. But, this is a habit I hope to crack. Work is changing loads for me in the next few weeks, freeing up more time and hopefully allowing me to do more posts like this.

Always write posts and never use them // I’ve got a bad habit of writing posts and when it comes to posting them, I suddenly decide I don’t like them and I’ll bin them. Which is really annoying because I could have been writing another blog post that I would actually use.

I’m a beauty blogger who hates taking selfies // Yep, I hate taking selfies and when I do take a selfie it’s always at the same angle and let’s be honest you don’t want to see loads of photos of me in exactly the same pose over and over again. It’s not that I don’t try, but I have to take about 100 photos before I have one decent one to use. I guess I just have to keep trying.

Have you got any bad blogging habits? Please share!

Sarah Jayne x


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  1. itsallaboutsonia
    July 20, 2015 / 9:02 pm

    Im exactly the same have loads of half finished posts.

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