Wish List | Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

Wish List | Shoes, shoes and more shoes!

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HEELS Public Desire

I LOVE shoes. Infact at the weekend I bought five pairs of shoes, two were exactly the same, but in different colours. But, I mean, you can never have too many shoes, right?

If you saw my last wish list, I was lusting after a pair, or two, of Public Desire heels. At the moment my eyes are firmly on these laser cut heels, I just think they’re the perfect statement shoe. I also want the knee length, lace-up boot heels, but I don’t know if I’d suit them with me being quite short.

My main problem is every time I browse online I always end up wanting every single pair. Can anyone recommend me a pair from the site? Please leave a link to your wish lists, I love looking at them!

Sarah Jayne x


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