Fizz and food at The Redwood Bar, The Vermont Hotel

Fizz and food at The Redwood Bar, The Vermont Hotel










After enjoying a delicious afternoon tea at The Vermont Hotel not to long ago, I was delighted to be invited back once again, this time for an evening of fizz and food.

Last Friday The Vermont Hotel celebrated the launch of a new menu in its savvy Redwood Bar. The bar, which is situated on the side of the Vermont opposite The Castle Keep, offers luxury and relaxation.

Being one of the first to arrive, my mam and I got first choice of seats. And where better to sit than in the centre of this glamorous bar, on an oversized leather couch in front of a giant glass table? (And it got even better!)

As soon as we sat down a gentleman bought over two glasses of fizz and told us that our invitations got us two free cocktails at the bar – definitely one of the best welcomes I’ve had.

While we pondered over the classic and signature cocktails, the room filled up fast and soon glasses were clinking, conversations were flowing and we were being entertained by two talented singers.

A glass of fizz never lasts long in my hands (I drink like a fish) and as I was waiting for my mam to finish hers so we could make a start on the cocktails, a waiter came over and refilled our glasses, which I was really grateful for, I mean this was no cheap sparkling wine.

To my surprise this wasn’t just a one-off refill, The Vermont certainly know how to take care of its guests as the champagne was flowing all night.

Inbetween songs and sips of bubbly came the canapés, which showcased the new menu for the Redwood Bar.

The canapés were delicious. My favourite was definitely the dark chocolate salted caramel tort, in fact I had more than I would like to admit too, but I couldn’t say no. One after another our pile of napkins started rising, so much so, we tried to hide how much we ate under one of the menus.

And when we thought the best had been, The Vermont gave us one last treat, a platter filled with a huge burger with fries and onion rings, and pork pies on the side, along with a selection of cheeses and a few chutneys and dips.

Before tucking into this spread, my mam and I made for the bar and ordered The Vermont Garden, which tasted strong and sweet.

If any of you are meat lovers I definitely recommend you head to The Redwood Bar for a burger, as the tender piece of beef was so thick I couldn’t even take a bite, I had to remove the top bun! And you can’t not enjoy the classic favourites; pork pies and fries, while the cheeses finished the platter off perfectly and left us feeling very content.

It was such a lovely change to take a seat and have a relaxing evening, instead of battling with loud music to have a conversation or standing and be constantly pushed by people. In fact this chilled atmosphere allowed me to make a few new friends, who joined us on our table.

With delicious food, tasty drinks and fabulous service, The Redwood Bar makes for the perfect place to meet new people and catch up with some old friends.

Has anyone else been to The Redwood Bar? Let me know your thoughts!

Sarah Jayne x


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