Beauty | Pucker Up With Lip Liners

Beauty | Pucker Up With Lip Liners


I’ve done my best to stay away from the hype surrounding Kylie Jenner and her perfect pout and frankly I can’t do it anymore. The more I see those voluptuous lips the more I crave for a pair of my own.

Now I have been toying with the idea of getting lip fillers, but injecting a gel-like substance into my lips kind of freaks me out, so to help me achieve fuller looking lips I’ve introduced myself to lip liners.


I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to pick up a lip liner, but being somewhat of a beauty novice I honestly thought they didn’t do anything, but boy was I wrong.

Not aware that they would now be apart of my everyday make up routine rather than buying the MAC liners that match my favourite MAC lip sticks, because less face it they’re not cheap, I searched for inexpensive ones.


Luckily I managed to find a nude, a red and a pink liner. The nude liner is Collection 2000 in the shade Almond and is a great swatch with MAC’s Honey Love.

The red liner is Revlon in the shade Red and complements MAC’s Ruby Woo and the pink liner is Bourjois Contour Edition in shade Cotton Candy and is the perfect swatch for MAC’s Please Me.

Other than taking extra care when applying the red liner, red smudge on my pale skin can be a nightmare, they’re really easy to apply.


It’s amazing how a small thing can make such a big difference. Not only do they enhance my lips, it might only be slightly but my lips do look fuller, they also look neat and tidy.

I mean my lips are no Kylie Jenner’s, but this little change has made me feel like they look a lot better.

Is anyone else hooked on the lip liner fad? If anyone has any suggestions of lip liners I should try please leave them in the comment box below!

Sarah Jayne x


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