Seventeen Eyeliners | Four Flicks, Four Different Ways

Seventeen Eyeliners | Four Flicks, Four Different Ways






I love testing out new make up products, especially when the products are from a brand I’ve never tried before.

I got this Seventeen eyeliner set as a Christmas present and with four different eyeliners my first thoughts were is an ideal gift for someone who loves a good flick – someone like me! After trying all four of these eyeliners out here are my thoughts…

Tattoo Me // This is one of those inexpensive eyeliners, which pleasantly surprised me. After reading ‘up to 48 hour wear, semi permanent liquid eyeliner’ I have to admit I had serious doubts it would deliver, but boy was I wrong. Not only is it extremely black in colour, but it actually stays put all day. In fact it took one shower, two make up wipes and three different facial scrubs to get it completely off – now that’s staying power. It’s easy to apply this liner to your lid, however quite a lot of the product comes out on the brush – just a warning to those who don’t have a steady hand.

Eye Kohl // It’s been a while since I used a pencil eyeliner. I only ever really use it when I’m getting dolled up for a night on the town and I want dark, smokey eyes. Normally I have to apply the pencil liner and then apply eyeshadow over the top to get the smokey look, however this eyeliner is really easy to smudge and blend, so my eyes look a lot tidier – it’s always a pain when eyeshadow falls on the tops of your cheeks and you can’t get it off.

Make Your Mark // I thought this precision eyeliner pen would be my favourite, but surprisingly it’s probably my least favourite. After using No 7 and L’Oreal’s pen-like eyeliners and loved them, I think I had high expectations for this one. It’s really easy to apply, however it’s not very black so I have to apply it a few times and even then it’s not black enough.

Doll’d Up // Now I haven’t tried this one yet, basically because I haven’t had the time, but it looks really fun and it you’re quite creative and want more than one flick this three-in-one liner looks like it would do the trick. If any beauty bloggers or Youtubers out there have any tutorials on how to create a look with an eyeliner like this, please send me your links!

Sarah Jayne x


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