Real Techniques Starter Set Eyeshadow Brushes

Real Techniques Starter Set Eyeshadow Brushes

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I love the Real Techniques brushes. With the contour, foundation, buffing and multi task brush, as well as the beauty blender I thought I had the whole ‘essential collection’, but boy was I wrong.

I spotted the Real Techniques Starter Set among the sale goodies in Asda and for £10, down from £21.99, they were a steal.

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In the starter pack you get a base shadow brush, a deluxe crease brush, a accent brush, a fine liner brush and a brow brush – basically everything you need to make sure your eyes are beautifully defined. (I know there’s six brushes in my photos, that’s because I have two deluxe crease brushes, one from another collection).

The base shadow brush is for applying your base colour to your whole eyelid. The deluxe crease brush is a soft oversized brush perfect for blending, especially if you love a good smokey eye. The accent brush is great for small details like smudging for highlighting. The fine liner is great for applying liquid eyeliner or eyeshadow underneath your bottom lashes and the brow brush easily shapes your brows.

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Eyeshadows are apart of my everyday make up routine and before these I was using a few brushes from Fearne Cotton’s collection and although they were good these are by far better.

The shape of the brushes allows for easily application and because you know which brush to use for each section of your eye, you get your perfect look every time. And like all the other Real Technique brushes they’re really easy to clean.

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The only problem I’ve had with these brushes, well not so much a problem but it’s a little annoying, is after one or two uses the writing on the sides of the brushes has started to come off, where on my other brushes it’s remained absolutely fine – strange!

What Real Techniques brushes/collections do you have? Please drop me your links I’d love to read your reviews!

Sarah Jayne x


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