Testing Benefit They’re Real Mascara

Testing Benefit They’re Real Mascara

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When it comes to putting on make up, mascara is probably the last thing I think about. I think this is because I’ve been very lucky and have naturally long eyelashes – quite often I get asked if I’m wearing false lashes, but no, they’re really mine.

When buying mascara I don’t look for a product that promises length or volume, all I need is a mascara that’s really black, with a good brush and I’m set.

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This is where Benefit’s They’re Real mascara comes in. I know the hype around this mascara is because it gives amazing length and volume, however I love it because of its thin and short bristled brush.

I know everyone is different, but I like my eyelashes to be all separated. I’ve found when using mascaras that have chunky brushes with long bristles on my top lashes they all clump together and it looks rather messy.

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Normally if I can’t find a brush I like I end up having to use two mascaras. At the moment I’m using a mini No7 one that you get free with a gift for the top of my lashes and L’Oreal’s Miss Manga for the top underneath lashes and my bottom lashes.

Thanks to They’re Real mascara I no longer need two mascaras to achieve a simplistic eye look. With They’re Real I can apply mascara to the top and underneath of my top lashes and my bottoms lashes without it looking clumpy, flakey or messy – result.

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There’s also a spikey ball on the end of the brush, which I thought was really helpful reaching the corner lashes and making sure they were black and blended with the rest of my lashes.

Have any of you tried Benefit’s They’re Real mascara? What are your thoughts? Or if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Sarah Jayne x



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